Purchase Accounting

Financial Intelligence, LLC

Financial Intelligence provides accurate purchase accounting reports for all outstanding and acquired share-based awards based on the closing date of the acquisition.

For acquisition dates before the adoption of SFAS 141R (fiscal years beginning before December 15, 2008), our processes were developed from guidance in SFAS 141, FIN 44, EITF 00-23 and SFAS 123R, as applicable. For all others, we employ guidance from SFAS 141R and SFAS 123R. All accounting literature references are pre-codification.

When a client’s data integrated into our system, we calculate the outstanding goodwill and DTA attributable to each assumed grant and use that data for future settlements and goodwill/DTA roll-forwards.

For new acquisitions, we apply the expected forfeiture rate on the closing date to ensure that future expensing is correct.

Our purchase accounting module ensures that purchase accounting is correctly assimilated into every applicable equity compensation process.

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