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Financial Intelligence is committed to delivering exemplary service that always meets or exceeds expectations. When we promise to complete work within a specific timeframe, we keep our promise. Great service is not a catchphrase at Financial Intelligence. It’s at the heart of everything we deliver for our clients. We go way beyond promptly answering the phone; if a question isn’t answered on the spot, it is addressed within hours, not days.

Service can be viewed as a three-tiered concept. At its most basic level, good service is accessibility and reliability. Secondarily, excellent service encompasses stepping up to promptly implement solutions or make last-minute adjustments in the heat of the reporting process. World-class service, the third level, is proactively looking down the road, anticipating and planning for challenges and unknowns. Financial Intelligence excels at each service element, and this superior service commitment is what sets us apart from our competition.

We understand the complexities of our clients’ financial, tax and management reporting and we take deliverable dates seriously.
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