Challenges & Solutions

The Challenges....

Many companies that offer equity compensation benefit plans for their employees are faced with the ever-changing rules and regulations governing equity plans and their taxation and accounting consequences for both domestic and international employees.

The administration of equity plans is not just a data entry function, but one that requires a higher level of analysis and understanding of their stock administration platform, the corporate governance rules, accounting & expense recognition, legal and tax implications as well as the international accounting and tax developments, just to name a few.

The challenge for many companies is, “How can their company provide an equity compensation plan for their employees and administer these plans in the most reliable and compliant way?”

The Solution....

Financial Intelligence can provide services of competent and experienced stock administrators and Certified Equity Professionals with flexible and affordable fee schedules.

We have experience on multiple equity administration platforms and the background in all areas of equity compensation & administration.

• Full-outsourced solutions
• Semi-outsourced solutions
• Interim Stock Administrator
• Vacation/Leave Support
• Project-based engagements
• Periodic basis-for financial reporting
• ESPP purchases
• Restricted Stock Awards & Units Release Processing
• Performance RSUs (PSUs) or Options (PSOs)
• Preventative Maintenance: for Data Integrity and Internal Controls
• All aspects of stock administration