Administration Services

Full or Semi-Outsourced Administration:

We can tailor our stock administration services according to your needs.  The company can offload all stock administration functions to Financial Intelligence or we can work with the company’s internal stock administrator to assist them with special projects, day to day activities, or as a resource to assist them successfully administer their company’s equity plans.

Temporary Stock Administration:

Everyone needs some time off every now and then, however, some companies only have one person in their stock administration department.  This makes it difficult if the stock administrator is out sick or wants to take a vacation.  Financial Intelligence can provide assistance during those periods so that you can ensure that the day to day stock administration activities are taken care.

Consulting on “as-needed-basis”:

Our clients know that we are just an email or phone call away when they have a question or issue regarding your equity plan or administration.

Valuation & Financial Reporting

♦ Grant Valuation
♦ ASC 718 Stock-Based Compensation Reporting
♦ Disclosure Reportingments for Directors and Officers

SEC Reporting & Compliance

♦ Section 16 Compliance, Directors & Officers questionnaire, Rule 144
♦ Pre-IPO Shareholders tracking subject to Rule 144
♦ Proxy reporting requirements for Directors and Officers